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Non-UK Readers - How to Buy

All the books written by Frank English, that are offered on this website, for the non-UK market, can be purchased in most countries through local bookshops. You will find details lower in the page. 
This is with two exceptions.

The 5 hard-backed books in the Mulberry Road series of stories cannot be bought as hard-backs. They are available as very high-quality soft-backs through local book stores and shops.

Also, the boxed set of Magic Parcel is not available. If you wanted either or both of these, you would have to be purchased from the author on this website, with an appropriate addition for postage and packing (probably around £5 to £10).

The following books can be purchased through local bookshops who will need to order from IngramSpark, payable in local currency.
Unfortunately, the author will not be able to dedicate and sign using this service.

The following books can be obtained via this service:

Magic Parcel: The Awakening
ISBN 9780956236852

Magic Parcel: The Gathering Storm
ISBN 9781908098146

Magic Parcel: A New Dawn
ISBN 9781908098627

18 Mulberry Road
ISBN 9781910077795

25 Primrose Walk
ISBN 9781912014620

Autumn Adventures
ISBN 9781912014613

Winter Tales
ISBN 9781912014606

Towards Spring
ISBN 9781912014590

Juniper's Tale
ISBN 9781912014231

ISBN 9781913071004

The Story of Lemuel Pecker
ISBN 9781913071035

Josephine's Journey
ISBN 9781913071172

Jack the Lad
ISBN  9781910077825

ISBN  9781910077986

Hit the Road Jack
ISBN  9781912014514

Welcome Back Jack
ISBN  9781912014811

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