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Winter Tales

ISBN hardback        9781910077153

RRP                        £11.99
ISBN paperback      9781912014606

RRP                        £10.99  

Pages                     207

Illustrations           19 pages

This is the fourth book in the stories about the family of sparrows called Twitcherly. It continues their fantastic adventures and adds many more through the introduction of lots more characters, who bear the names of real young people. How come? Well, youngsters who have bought and read the first two books at least ("18 Mulberry Road" and "25 Primrose Walk") were given the opportunity to choose a character of their own design (animal, bird, human, whatever) which I promised to write into the story as a strong part. This I have done with about fifteen so far. I have about another five to do, and about three chapters to do it in. Exciting isn't it! The youngsters also receive an acknowledgement at the end of the story. How cool is that! There is a small number of adults in there also. Look out for them. I'm sure some of you will recognise them.
I'll let you know soon who the new characters are. To see the existing real characters, have a look at the section (just above this one) entitled 25 Primrose Walk.
Watch this space!

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