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25 Primrose Walk

This is the follow-on to "18 Mulberry Road".

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19 pages 

Furtive and Fearless's adventures continue, taking them to more exciting and dangerous places, which allows them to meet many more exotic creatures.

We meet David again, the little boy who lived at 18 Mulberry Road, and who named and fed the family of sparrows called Twitcherly. He makes a special friend called Billy, who lives close to David's new home, and with whom he enjoys out of this world adventures that no other six year old could possibly experience.

A magical owl called ... Owl, a green parrot called Gerald, and a Toucan called Teddy are some of the characters you can't afford to miss in this delightful follow-on to "18 Mulberry Road". All the characters are waiting to meet you inside, so why not flick open the front cover, and start your adventures with them now.

25 Primrose Walk

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