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Garnett's Grand Getaway

Garnett the tortoise is enjoying living with her mother, Blanche, and her Aunt Josephine in a country of plenty. It is undoubtedly much more enjoyable than the deprivation she experienced before, in the lands where Cold is King.

Life has become rather mundane and slow, however, so Garnett decides it's time to go walk-about, to seek the excitement and adventure that are lacking in her sit-about daily life of plenty.

Although she meets many interesting creatures during her wanderings - and encounters some very dangerous situations at times - she tends to take most of her experiences in her slow stride.

Until, that is, she reaches the enchanted forest ...

It is then that something unusual and enlivening occurs...

This a story written with a complete Year 6 class of children at St Luke's CE Primary School, Skerton, Lancaster

They are

Phoebe Atkin, Mia Barnes, Liam Bateson,

Callum Benson, Shane Bradshaw, Robert Brooks, Daisy-Mae Brown, Summer Clayworth-Jury,

Lexie Clements, Freddie Dixon, Rhianna Duncan, Luke Duncuft, Chalie-Paige Flint, Ella Gardner, Angel Grenfell, Joshua Humpage, Lucia Johnson, Charlie Lomax, Alfie Lynch,

Dexter Mulholland-Helme Kelsall, Ben Naylor,

Henry Newby, Leo Robson, Harry Shuttleworth,

Lucy Smith, Thomas Smith, Nathan Taylor,

Amelia Vallente, Isabelle Whiteside



Garnett's Grand Getaway

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