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Juniper's Tale

A tiny black kitten, with a white tip to his tail and grey tips to his little ears, mysteriously appears in a cardboard box in the juniper bush outside the front door of the Warwick home at Number 18 Mulberry Road. There is a note attached to the box, asking for someone to give him a home.

Where did he come from, and why is he in a box outside this particular house owned by this particular family?

This is a tale about the origin of David Warwick's pet cat, Juniper, and how he becomes so important to the family and to all the wildlife that visits its back garden.

There is magic afoot when he meets and befriends a vixen cub in a magical forest over a rickety fence through Mr Grace's tumbling, jungly, back garden...

This is the first book in a series of five that the author has written with his 10 year-old ' apprentice writers' who desperately want to become authors. The youngsters and their parents have agreed to join this exciting project, with this the first book already published. The apprentice writer in this case is called Natalie, and she lives in Guisborough.

ISBN           Hardback           9781912014224

Pages           78

RRP             £9.99

Illustrations    6 pages



Juniper's Tale

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