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Autumn Adventures

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19 pages

This is the third book which follows the fantastic adventures of Furtive and Fearless, brother sparrows who now live in Benjamin's elm on the Parkland estate which belongs to Sir Nigel Hodgson.

Many more characters appear throughout the book, all of whom have been devised by youngsters who have read Mulberry Road. The characters, of course, bear the names of those who have devised them. I simply wrote the stories into which these characters fit.

The young people are:- 

Grace Armstrong - aged 12/13 from the Sheffield area. 

She is a goldfinch called Rosie.

Sam Armstrong - a teacher at David's school, she is

called Mrs Samantha Armstrong.

Hannah Courtney - aged 9 from Rotherham. She is a pet

brown rabbit called Hannah.

Cecily Craig - aged 7 from Addingham near Leeds. She

is a bluetit called Cecily.

Evie Craig - aged 9 from Addingham near Leeds. She is

a cheeky bluetit called Evie.

Charlotte Katie Dent - aged 9 from the Harrogate area.

She is David's sister Charlotte Katie in "25 Primrose Walk"

and in this book.

Jorja Franklin - aged 9 from Rotherham. She is a bluetit

called Jorja.

Caitlin Goldthorpe - aged 8 from Dewsbury. She will be

a giant exotic butterfly called Caitlin in Book 4.

Gabriella Rivas-Hawke - aged 7 from Tenerife. She is a wolf cub

called Gabriella. She also plays herself.

Millie Hirst - aged 9 from Barnsley. She is twin fox cubs called

Millie and Bramble.

Maisy Kate Warner - aged 2 from the Preston area. She is a baby

elant (elephant).

Emelia Drake - aged 8 from Brighouse. She is a red squirrel.

Esther (Lettie) Nahmany - aged 7 from Switzerland. She is

Lettie Nahmany, schoolfriend to David.

Billy Hodgson is a real person, living in Lancaster with his

mum and dad. He appears from Book 2 onwards ("25 Primrose

Walk" and "Autumn Adventures").

Dad appears also as Sir Nigel Hodgson, who seems to be a

shady but as yet undeveloped character who lives in a

very big house and has lots of money.

All of these characters will appear also in stories in the fourth book which is as yet untitled.

Autumn Adventures

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