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Magic Parcel

Dip into and out of the fabled land of Omni, if you dare. Follow and be part of the journeys of Jimmy Scoggins, intrepid nine year old adventurer, as he tries to deliver his magical Uncle Reuben's Parcel, in a land of sorcery where good and evil struggle to be master.

Find out how he gets there, how he falls into the clutches of the Evil Lord of Seth, and is transported into the lands of Oompah the Toad King.

How does he handle his encounter with the Faceless Rider, and how can he escape the onslaught of the Whispering People in the Foggy Land of Four?

You might be able to return, if Omni lets you. When it needs you, that world will bring you back.


"Magic Parcel: The Awakening" is the first step in a mind-blowing fantasy adventure which transports a bright, inquisitive little boy into a world where giants roam, where necromancers rule, and where ordinary people do extraordinary things. Are you one of those?

Your second step can be taken in "Magic Parcel: The Gathering Storm", which takes adventure to a new level, preparing you for the trilogy's jaw-dropping climax in "Magic Parcel: A New Dawn", which was released in August 2012.

Would you like to visit Omni?

                       Central Omni                    

Omni is such a magical world, with so many wonderful things for boys and girls to see and exciting places to visit! All of these places you will experience at some point, depending on how many times you go there. Omni, of course, is quite simply everywhere ...

However, not everyone is as friendly as you might wish, so you will have to be as careful as you can be when choosing your travelling companions.

I'll leave you to decide which of these three characters, for example, will do you no harm. Will it be the Faceless Rider? The Old Man of the Mountains? Or the Lord of Seth? None of them is quite as you might think. So be warned!

Jimmy Scoggins, through his favourite uncle, Reuben, makes that most magical of journeys to the land which is so different from his own. Although only nine at the start of his adventures, Jimmy has to grow up very quickly if he is to grow up at all.

His uncle is confident he will have a wonderful experience, but, at times, Jimmy is not so sure. His older brother, Tommy, who has been there before, has to cross the barrier between worlds to make sure he both enjoys himself, and returns home safely. Does he? You will find out only by reading the book.

If you do read any or all of the books in the Magic Parcel trilogy, and you like the experience, please feel free to email me at , both to let me know how you feel, and to be put on my emailing list for future 'happenings'.

If you wish, you could leave a message in the 'Guest Book' section, with your email address so I can contact you back. Your email address will not appear publically.

All books are available now.

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