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How could such a tiny scrap of a sparrow chick become so adventurous, brave and smart in such a short space of time? Where does her desire to do courageous and exciting things come from?

Honey was born with a wander-lust that she inherited from her father, Furtive, dreaming of the excitement and fun that unexpected jaunts might bring to her. Louis, her cousin, doesn't often share her joy at being whisked away to some dangerous adventure, although he does agree to tag along.

They meet all manner of strange creatures in their brave new world, where the line between fun and excitement, and danger can be a very fine one. Do they get to meet any of the characters their fathers, Furtive and Fearless, told them stories about? Or does it all turn out to be less exciting and believable than Honey was led to believe?

Only one way to find out...

This is the second book in the series written with my 'apprentice writers'.