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Magic Parcel: The Awakening

Uncle Reuben was worried about his young nephew, Jimmy. Jimmy was nine and, like most nine year olds, he was lively, inquisitive, loved adventure and fun, and sometimes was a bit of a handful. Since his father had died, Jimmy had lacked that regular male influence a growing boy needs daily. Mother had been left to bring up him and his thirteen year old brother, Tommy, alone. Reuben had given as much time to the boys' upbringing and to supporting their mother as his busy life would allow, and now he felt it wastime to bring Jimmy some fun and adventure.

Jimmy's visits to his Uncle Reuben's every Saturday for as long as he could remember had always been eagerly anticipated, because he never knew what was going to happen. Reuben always made sure there was something excitingly different to occupy Jimmy's mind, with his stories of another world, where its fabulous characters had fantastic adventures. This time would be no different, except that it took place at the start of a long school holiday. But how do you grab the interest of a small and inquisitive young boy? The Parcel might be his answer ...​

Tommy understood the importance and power of the Parcel. Where would it take him? Tommy knew where it would take him. Would Jimmy be able to handle the excitement and adventure it might take him to? There was only one way to find out ...