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Josephine's Journey

Josephine doesn't find life easy. She is slow, ponderous and, although these characteristics are fine for any usual tortoise, she doesn't feel they are right for her.

The race she has just won against her friend Harvey the hare, was a happening that legends are made of. Although usually one of the fastest creatures on four legs, however, Harvey is easily distracted and quite often loses track of his everyday living.

Because Josephine has a feeling there is something lacking in her daily humdrum existence, she develops an urge to set out on an adventure with Harvey and a friendly tawny owl called Evelyn, to try to discover what she might be missing.

However, this is no ordinary adventure. The land drawing her away from her comfortable burrow on the edge of Sir Nigel Hodgson's grounds, could be fraught with all sorts of dire dangers and never-ending nightmares.

This is the fourth book in this series written with my 'apprentice writers'.