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Magic Parcel: A New Dawn

This is the conclusion of the Magic Parcel stories. The adventures of Jimmy Scoggins come to a mind-blowing climax after some of the most intensely exciting action imaginable.

Yet, how much excitement and how many adventures should a ten year old have had in such a short life time? There seems to be no end to the narrow escapes he has had in The Gathering Storm. And what about the friends and acquaintances he has picked up along the way? We know about Lucix and his Lucien folk, and how Enteran became involved. But who is Daemo? Where did he come from, how does he fit in, and what part will he have to play, if any?

Have we seen the last of Tar-igor, the former Evil Lord of Seth? It would seem that Ursula had the measure of him finally. Following her brief encounters with Umbrano, will she be too much for him too? Surely powerful sorcerers such as these can’t be destroyed that easily by such an insignificant young schoolgirl?

Oompah is the only one who appears to be having a much better time since the overthrow of his arch enemy. Yet, there are singular developments in his old kingdom of Oom, where his son, Tarna, has brought damnation upon himself. Or has he? It just goes to show you can’t mess with sorcerers, no matter how well connected you are.

Jimmy, unfortunately, has irritated and annoyed a good many people in the many lands he has visited, Verdan amongst them. His honest and forthright approach to all the questions which have occurred to him have not been to everyone’s taste. Verdan himself, it would appear, however, has the last word. Has Jimmy’s luck finally run out? Will he live to fight again, or has this been his last battle?


ISBN      9781908098627

Cost      £9.99


          349 pages

Magic Parcel: A New Dawn

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