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Secrets Revealed

Although Poppy has decided on the direction she wishes for her life to take, her path is beset by obstacles. In time-honoured fashion, although conceived in reasonable detail, Poppy's path through life doesn't quite run to plan. The close friendship that has developed over several years between her, Florence and George experiences significant hiccups as they tread their separate, but interlinked journeys.

George's nemesis, Jonas Jamieson, raises his head from time to time to cause him to be wary of his future involvement, but does that involvement throw up any serious difficulties en route for him? Jonas is always on the lookout for ways to pay back George for his treatment in their teen years - and when the men reach their late twenties, their conflict explodes violently and potentially fatally. Is this the result of careful and clever planning on Jonas's part, or simply a matter of right place, right time?

Will Jonas achieve the result he had prayer for? And will the complicated relationship between George and his two closest women friends ever be resolved?