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Magic Parcel: The Gathering Storm

The second story in the Magic Parcel trilogy is now published. Yippee!

I am delighted that Chaz Wood has agreed to illustrate again, carrying on the wonderful quality he produced in the first book. All the illustrations have been done to a very high standard, and all I can say is...Wow!

It was published at the end of March 2011, and it is all that I expected it to be.

Price: £7.99

ISBN 9781908098146

It is available also as a Kindle eBook.

This is an image of the Northern Watch Tower which plays a central part in the new story. 

The Watch Tower is set in an icescape for much of the story, with desperately cold conditions, including blizzards, deadly to all warm-blooded creatures caught in its icy grip.

Magic Parcel: The Gathering Storm

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